A good birth

For the expecting mother and her partner, the birth of a baby is a life-changing event. And though much has been accomplished with increased medical and technical progress, the call is becoming stronger to bring this event back to the natural wonder it has been for women for centuries.


Experience shows that women who have confidence in themselves and are sufficiently supported before and during birth have had fewer interventions and have happier memories afterwards? This does not mean that if the birth ends up in a caesarean section or other medical interventions became necessary, that the child was not “born properly”. After all is said and done, your child gets the birth intended for him or her.

Own direction

I have supported woman throughout their pregnancy and birth process since 2009. I feel deeply that expecting mothers and woman in labour should remain the director of their own births. What I do is show care and empathy with the mother and this process. I give her trust and I stay with her from the onset of labour until a short time after the birth of the child.

I feel closely involved with the Conscious Birth movements that are emerging and becoming more active in most western societies.

Your choice

My passion to assist women in this beautiful process comes from somewhere deep within me. I encourage you to believe in your own strength to take your own body and intuition seriously. I help you to trust what is right for you and your unborn baby.

As a Doula, I want to stand by your side and help you choose where you want to give birth (hospital or home); how you want to give birth (in water or in any other position); and with whom you want to experience the birthing process. I am also there for you if it proceeds in a way you hadn’t expected or hoped for, as this is the moment when experiencing your own strength becomes essential.

Note: I also assist involved fathers / partners who are often equally in need of attention. If there is no partner, then the Doula can temporarily provide some of that role.