What does a doula do?

As a Doula I literally and figuratively stand beside you throughout the process. Whether or not in conjunction with your partner, so that a relaxed atmosphere is present which enables a smooth as possible delivery.

Natural process

My involvement is not medical. I support you physically and emotionally, breathe along with you and suggest birthing positions. I’m here for you and will guide you intuitively through the whole experience. As a Doula I will help you to feel the strength to choose the birth that suits you. I can encourage you to help rely on a natural process so that unnecessary interventions can be avoided.

A doula is always present

After you have asked me to be your Doula, I will be present for you during the whole process: during pregnancy and from the moment you start feeling contractions until after the birth. I help you and your partner make decisions and help you achieve these during childbirth. I also translate your questions and concerns to the medical staff.

As a Doula Wieneke will stand beside you throughout the process

Lots of information

The Doula was introduced in the Netherlands in 2006. Expecting mothers often feel insecure, despite or perhaps because of all the information available. Medicalization and techniques surrounding childbirth are increasing and thus the number of interventions such as caesarean section and the offering of painkillers are increasing too.

Home birth

Slowly, we are losing our Dutch tradition of home birth. Deliveries are increasingly regarded as medical. The dedicated and experienced midwives are under high pressure. Hence the increasing demand for additional support during pregnancy and at birth, from the Doula.