How it works

Wieneke helps you create a birth planOur first meeting is without obligation. I listen closely to who you want to have sitting next to you at your birth. This is where remaining the director of your own birth begins.

Before the due date, we will talk everything through: from your dream birth to possible anxieties. We’ll discuss labour positions, the use of breathing and discuss where you may feel uncomfortable. I’ll give you a massage during which we will focus on getting to know each other better.

Birth Plan

We will put together your birth plan. This seems to be a good way to prepare yourself for a good birth experience. Which is our goal! I can also come along with you to the midwife or the hospital to introduce myself.

During the pregnancy, we will keep in touch by phone, email or text messages. In the final weeks of your pregnancy (usually from 2 weeks before until after the birth) I ensure that I am “on call” 24 hours a day.

Birth Report

After the birth, I will write and present you with the birth story. This is written from my perspective to your child about his or her birth. This is a wonderful report and memento for you and your child!

CostWieneke always writes a birth story

The standard rate is € 750,-.

On request, I give you access to references from parents from the Netherlands, USA, England, Australia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Germany, Morocco, Poland, the Philippines, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic for whom I was present at the birth of their baby.

In the video below I talk about my work and my motivation to do this: (Dutch)

I have an extensive library (of books and DVDs) and can recommend further sources to help your orientation.