Wieneke van Stenis, doula

Wieneke van Stenis, doulaI gave birth to my three children in Hong Kong and the Philippines – and I am now a grandmother. When I look back now I remember receiving little support, and my experience of the births were relatively subconscious.

At the birth of my first child, I remember how a nurse sat next to my bed with a book with pictures. She held my hand and explained the process and spoke encouraging words to me. She didn’t leave me and she reassured me. I remember her to this day and think that now I would call her a Doula.

This is the confidence that I would like to give women who are expecting.

Wieneke as a doula

Not coincidentally, during my eldest daughter’s first pregnancy, I read an article about the maternity coach. That struck a chord with me and that’s when I decided to follow the Doula training in Utrecht.

Previously, I have three years of training at the ITIP (Institute for Applied Integral Psychology) and have followed an in-depth training programme at the SRN (Netherlands Foundation for Regression Therapy). Together, I had unconsciously prepared a strong foundation for my move into becoming a Doula.

With the knowledge I have gained during all my studies, and with my ‘wise’ old age and practical experience, I believe I can offer help as a Doula to women during pregnancy and childbirth.

I have experienced how fulfilling this support is for the expecting mother during pregnancy and childbirth.

Doula Wieneke and family