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Support during pregnancy and childbirth

How it works:

If you would like to have me on your journey, we first make an appointment at your home. If you have a partner it is best if he or she is also present from the start. We explore if it clicks between us. You may decide to meet another Doula. If you choose me, we usually begin within two weeks, to get to know each other better. We will discuss how you imagine the birth, and how you would ideally like it to be. We will also talk about any worries and small or big fears you may have, and your view on pain relief.

I will massage you, this is not only nice for you but is also nice for me to do. Touch contributes to becoming more comfortable with each other. I would like to come with you to an appointment with your midwife or at the hospital so that you can introduce me there.

Before the birth, apart from visits, we will have regular contact for example through whatsapp. This will increase as the due-date approaches. As of two weeks before your expected date I will be ready, day and night, to come and support you when the time comes to give birth.

I am there for you from the beginning until after the birth. I am your Doula. I will not leave your side, however long the birth may take. After the birth our contact will fade out again naturally but not before I have given you a personal birth report written from my perspective.

For the whole process with an experienced Doula the fee is €895.-

My support is passion driven and not financially focused. In special circumstances we can discuss how you could give birth with a Doula. My wish is for this service to be available to as many women as possible.

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